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mobile or Desktop, your Website belongs to the front

In each site, the lever is to the efficient marketing machine. 

We find him für you.

We find each percent Potential of your site

If search engine optimization performance is a sport, then we develop your individual training plan.

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We know nat–to be found, of course, exactly like us.  If you  this Knowledge für your own Website want to use, then you are exactly right.

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"seonest works in a clear, target-oriented, very professionally and with excellent results. That's the way it must be. And the communication is very easy and friendly. So the Whole thing makes even Spaß. So from me a clear recommendation, für each of the the claim has really come on."

Glushko Pavel
ProActive Software Deutschland GmbH

"We rely on the services of Thanks to the knowledge and commitment of our employees, our web site house-building prospects and wooden house, interested parties will be found quickly. In the Google Ranking, we are now with virtually all of the important terms on page 1, there is usually space 1!"

Kuhto Marija
LK-Fertigbau GmbH

"We are with the services and the Service of seo-nest very satisfied. Our responsible project Manager has very quickly understood our industry and our Geschäft. Many thanks to für a great collaboration."

Fedorenko Ivan
beQualified GmbH

1. We will analyze your Website
2. You will get the result in 5 days 
3. You can optimize your Website yourself



analysis of


Individually   is& free


1. We analyse your Online-Shop
2. We will advise you persöphotography
3. We create you a  offer
4. You decide –about a collaboration


Individually   is& free

1. We will analyze your Website
2. We will advise you persöphotography
3. We create you a  offer
4. You decide –about a collaboration


What our customers –about us?

Wäyou choose your SEO abbr–is reduced by a certain

you have any questions?

Glushko Pavel

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...and many more.

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We are one Inhabergeführte GmbH  from Berlin, with specialization in Online Marketing. Our focus is on the area of search engine optimization. We have been über the 12 years für our customers tätig and since 7 years in the framework of our current GmbH.

Individual support and intensive guidance of the Schlüssel to our success. Our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have with us or one of our employees always have a direct point of contact in terms of Online Marketing and search engine optimization. 

Our 15 people strong team of employees  covers all areas of editorial über Interface Design to programming. We claim that we can only play with a well-established Team and therefore we consciously avoid external freelancers or agencies. 

With this strategy, we build successful relationships with customers, because Online Marketing works in the long term only by absolute transparency and a common goal .

[3 welded—managing Director–leader of the nest online GmbH v. li.n.u. a.] Glushko Pavel / Fedorenko Ivan / Grischenko Anatolij

Who we are and why köwe can bring you to the front?

We are looking forward to analyze your Website and create a suitable offer für your Marketing success.